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Living with Spirit in Love and Light

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Readings by Roseann is located on the East Side of Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania.  The idea began as simply having a place where I could meet one-on-one with individuals to provide spiritual counseling or mediumship readings.  As time passed, I began to see that it would be more.

First, the center is a place where one can learn and heal in a safe, nurturing environment.  Like-minded people can gather to support one another, share their experiences and beliefs, freely express their feelings and grow spiritually.

Second, the center is a place where I can be a spiritual teacher and provide opportunities for students to try new things, learn to calm and center through meditation, discover their spiritual gifts, develop a student's psychic and/or mediumship abilities, connect with spirit, and explore all spiritual art forms. Guest teachers are invited to share their expertise on a particular topic with the center's students from time to time.

Third, the center is a place for special interest groups to gather for support and spiritual growth.  Currently, there is a psychic and mediumship development group, Angelic Voices of Love.  To receive notices and to commuicate with the group, go to and create an account.  Search for Angelic Voices of Love and join the group.

Fourth, the center is a place for individuals or families to come together for a private sitting with Roseann Turek, Certified, Spiritual Evidential Medium. Sometimes people feel safe in a group setting to receive messages from their spirit loved ones and friends.  Others, prefer private, one-on-one reading sessions.  Whatever your need, I will gladly accommodate.  


Fifth, the center is also available for reading parties -- Psychic or Medium. Parties make a great ladies' night out.  Tables can be set-up for light refreshments. Couples readings are also available.

908 North Street, Suite D

Jim Thorpe, PA 18229

Tel: (570) 926-0630

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