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About Roseann . . . . . . .

Roseann Turek

Certified Spiritual, Evidential Medium

Certified Angel Card Reader TM

Roseann is a Spiritual, Evidential Medium with a strong psychic ability. She is very connected to the Angel and Archangel Realm and has developed her own system of "tapping-in" to the world of spirit receiving information in a very accurate and evidential manner.

Roseann uses a number of tools to communicate with Spirit Guides, Angels, and our loved ones on the other side.  Most expect to see a reader use tarot cards during a psychic reading session.  Roseann sometimes uses Oracle decks, Lenormand decks, playing cards, pendulums, crystal ball, divining rods, tea leaves, etc.  These are just psychic tools.  When receiving a psychic card reading, most expect to see the celtic cross spread.  However, there are many spread formations that can be used to receive specific answers to your questions.

During mediumship readings and church-style healing sessions, no cards are used to connect with spiritual beings of love and light and Creator's divine healing energy. Some may know this energy as "The White Light of the Holy Spirit."  Roseann only acts as a channel or conduit to bring positive healing messages and spiritual healing energy through her to you.  Her role is to bring the energy to you and your role is to accept this energy and the healing with gratitude from Spirit.  Also, Roseann's role is to make the sitter feel that you are not alone in your time of need.   She is standing by you, supporting you.

Roseann continues to educate herself in the Spiritual Arts by attending diverse workshops and seminars given by many experts in their field and Certified Mediums from the Lily Dale Assembly.  The Lily Dale Assembly is a Spiritualist Community located in Lily Dale, New York.  Spiritualism is a science, a philosophy and a religion.  Those who are Spiritualists are those who believes, as the basis of his or her religion, in the continuity of life and in individual responsibility. 

  • Ordained Minister
  • Certified Church Style Healer
  • Certified Spiritual, Evidential Medium
  • Certified Angel Card ReaderTM
  • B.S., Business Administration
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