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Testimonials are always welcome from clients.  You may submit them via email.

A few days before my birthday I was asked by my husband what I wanted for my birthday.  After considerable thought, I told him I wanted a psychic reading.  It was a time in life when I had a lot of questions about where I was going in life, and what I should be doing.


I honestly believe Spirit brought me to Roseann.  It was the best gift I was ever given; not only did she help give me direction, but also, it allowed me the opportunity to have communication with both my mom and dad.  Messages that I needed to hear at this time.


Roseann is truly gifted. If you are at a crossroads in life or simply just need validation that you are on the correct path, I recommend having a reading with Roseann.  I promise it will be everything you hoped it would be and more.


Kelly.....Coaldale                          April, 2019

I first had a reading with Roseann in the early Spring of 2018. Many of her detailed predictions unfolded exactly as she said they would. I've had quite a few readings over the years with various intuitive's, but Roseann's abilities are finely tuned and come from a place of genuinely wanting to help and empower people. I'm very grateful to have met such a gifted psychic as herself. I highly recommend a reading with her if you're feeling troubled or experiencing uncertainties in any area(s) of your life


 ~Dave, Luzerne County, PA           January, 2019

Dear Roseann,


I cannot believe it's only been one week since we spoke on the phone. I want to tell you that I really enjoyed your Angel reading. It was both comforting and inspirational. I ordered a set of Angel cards and have been picking one each morning and night asking my Angels for guidance and inspiration. I cannot believe how close I feel to my guardian now. It's an incredible feeling and comfort to know that I am not alone.


During your reading you led me through a guided meditation to meet my guardian. I have been repeating it various times this week. And have been receiving guidance and acknowledgement through it. It's beautiful! I cannot say enough about your teachings on Angels. It's be trans formative for me and it all began by my searching the Apple podcast app for angels. I found your old podcast and haven't looked back since.


God has allowed me to discover a great gift he gives us all. The gift of being surrounded by loving, helping guides. You are acting as his instrument as well. Teaching us, guiding us with your gifts and talents. I can only hope others benefit as much as I have from meeting and communicating with their spirit guides. God bless you and your family,


L from Miami.


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