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Angels Among Us

Here are my first buddies who attended my shows

When I first began doing psychic and holistic fairs over a decade ago, I was the only angel card reader in Northeast Pennsylvania. Eventually, I came to be known as the angel lady from Jim Thorpe. I did not always embrace that title. The reason is because I felt very different among the readers at the psychic fairs. Most participants wanted psychic readings with tarot cards. They did not understand that I could do the same using angel cards and a regular deck of playing cards. People believe the psychic part is all about the cards; not realizing psychic ability is real and some of us are connected. The cards are just props for me. I was about to change all that and begin reading tarot again until I found a class to develop my psychic and mediumship abilities.

The leader of the development circle loved the idea of me having the knowledge and expertise of the angelic realm. There I was torn about sticking with the angels, and my angels and guides brought me to a place where I was appreciated. I remember feeling embarrassed every time I was introduced as the angel communicator because I did not feel special. Why? I believe that angels are a gift from God and everyone can become an angel communicator. I finally realize that my role, as the angel lady, was to teach about the angels. My role is to get everyone to stop focusing only on their physical, ego world and start including their spiritual, higher self world. A few months later, the Angel Tarot Deck by Doreen Virtue, Phd. was released. I could go back to the shows now having the balance of angel and tarot.

During an angel session, we discuss living spiritually and praying to the angels. Many do believe in Archangels Michael's protection and Archangel Raphael's healing abilities but there are so many more. The most important is our very own guardian angel. Their energy is low enough to hear and interact with us. The only thing special we need to develop is to talk to them. In most circumstances, we must ask our angels to help us. We must choose to have them play a more important role in our lives because of free will.

When working with spirit or angels, you must remember this trinity--faith, trust and accept. As a small child growing up in the Catholic Community, I loved the Bible stories which included spirit visitation and angels. I loved the idea of a guardian angel and would play with mine. I do not recall from my childhood what she looks like, but I know she was besides me while I played. I had the faith that my guardian existed, I trusted she was there besides me, and I accepted that I am never alone.

Today, I see more and more angel card readers popping up at the psychic fairs. I do give credit to working with the Archangels for raising my vibration to the point of connecting with those who have crossed over to the other side. I rely on spirit to put me where I need to be, and they have helped me find a place to have private readings and hold classes. I am grateful to have a website where I can blog and post my events and classes.

The Introduction to the Angelic Realm is one of my favorite classes. I have a chance to talk about the angels, talk about living spiritually, teach meditation and connect you with your guardian angel. You can go home knowing how to connect and practice on your own. Nobody should ever tell you who your guardian angel is or their name because this is your spiritual journey. There are no shortcuts; you must do the work. The most important information I can share with everyone is that we are not alone. We have angels, guides, religious deities, and spirit on the other side to help and guide us here. Do not be afraid to ask for help on this journey called life.

Remember: You are never alone!


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