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Judge Not

The Four Agreements was written back in 1997 by Don Miguel Ruiz. The book continues to be a top seller for those seeking personal growth. There has been many more books written by the original author, including, The Fifth Agreement. I do not want to turn this into a critique or give away any or all of the good points. The reason I am bringing this up is that it is one of those books that I accepted most of what was presented. That does not happen often for me.

He explains how we are taught to be judgmental to others and ourselves. Then, he explains the four agreements that are written in the photo above. If we could remember them, our lives would be much easier and more peaceful.


A year ago, there was a great shift in my energy which caused me to shed some friends. I was in a public place one afternoon and saw a colleague with a group of friends. I waved to get their attention, but they did not see me. When I approached them to say hello, they did not hear me and turned the other way. I was hurt and judged their behavior as rude. Needless to say, I stewed over it for hours until I remembered the third agreement, "Do not make assumptions."

I made a telephone call and asked my friend why everyone ignored me. After our talk, all the worry over; no more stewing. All that upset and all that stewing was for nothing because I took it personally and assumed I did something to offend them.

As a spiritual healer and teacher, my connection with spirit is strongest when I am without drama. When I am at peace, I am the best open channel of Creator's healing energy and healing messages. Because I am flesh, I can easily be sucked into the gossip and drama. However, I know now why gossip is sinful.


Gossip is a low energy and lightworkers need to be in a high energy state of peace, joy, love or happiness. This is the zone our emotions need to be to do great work. I remember listening to the gossip in my work place. It was fun to hear the good stories, but after a few weeks, I noticed my thoughts changed about work. I began to feel fear, anxiety, helplessness, anger, etc. I began to dread going to a job I used to love. As I started to think about what had changed in my life, I remembered it was me absorbing all the negativity at work. These are low energies and not good for a lightworker.

As I listened to the gossip, I was absorbing the feelings from the story. I subconsciously accepted the bleak picture others were describing as my work environment. I began thinking negatively about my job. I decided to meditate on my work situation. During this meditation, it lead me back to The Four Agreements. I needed to shield myself from the gossip, not to take it personal.

Now, I make sure that I ask God to surround me with white light each day as I get out of bed. I have some crystals in my work space to remind me not to absorb any negative words or others negative energy. I know that to do great work, I must avoid being sucked into anyone's drama.

I hope many of you will look at The Four Agreements and begin to use them in your life. I also hope that these examples from my life will help you to see how easily negativity can creep into our lives. My last example is about being hard on yourself.


Many times in a card reading, the judgement card will come up in the spread. I have many years of readings behind me and know that most of the time the card does not mean a court case. The judgment card is usually about the judgment that the sitter puts on themselves. This is the card of the perfectionist that I try so hard not to be anymore.

When I would teach, people would be so happy and thankful. Instead of being happy with that, I would be thinking in my head about how much stuff I didn't cover. Today, I have learned to accept those compliments with a simple, Thank you." The Fourth Agreement, "Always do your best", opened my eyes. I no longer fill my head with what I should have done or what I did not cover. It freed me from self abuse.

I leave you with this, "Judge Not." Choose the higher road and keep your peace. Talk to yourself like you would your best friend or someone you want to impress. People around you will feel the love. Send them that love. Try it; tell me how it worked for you. How did it change your world?

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