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Beauty and Promise

Living your life in gratitude is such an easy thing to do. Sometimes others may view your actions as crazy, but it can be so inspiring. Simply waking up and rushing down to the beach to photograph an amazing sunrise will put you in awe. The glowing sphere rising from the water immediately fills your heart with the promise of great things ahead.

So many of us get the Winter blues, are dealing with grief or trying to find something to make you feel alive again. There are so many wonderful things around you to help find joy. Do you know that you have a Joy Guide?

Just like we have a guardian angel, we have a Joy Guide or spirit helpers. A Joy Guide can be a young child or young adult to help you get some fun in your life. If you are feeling sad, call on them to help change your mood. Your joy guide wants you to have fun. When was the last time you played like a child or laughed out loud?

As the day progresses, so many wonderful things may come into your life. Why? Because happiness is a high vibration and a positive vibration. Like attracts like. Each night review your day for all the good things that made you grateful.

I begin with an amazing sunrise and leave you with this amazing sunset.

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