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Give Me A Sign

When I took a walk on the beach in North Carolina, I saw many footprints and many feathers. I usually leave the feathers because I know the angels and my loved ones are with me. I pass them by with the intention for the feathers to be found by people who really need this sign from Heaven.

I know that we are not alone. I can look at a physical body and know that the spirit or soul is gone. I get that there is no death because rarely at a funeral do I not see the person in the casket or urn hanging around. I do try to avoid the funerals where I feel or can sense the great love that creates the great feeling of loss. Feeling a room full of mourners in great pain is not comfortable for me.

I can remember as a child missing the day of my Nana's funeral. I had gone to the wake the night before but woke up physically ill the next morning. I was like an emotional sponge dealing with my sadness and soaking up the rest of the family's. It was in August and before 7th grade math. My grief showed in my grades. Now, it would be understood why my grades suffered. I was suffering and not just me.

I tell all my clients to feel the loss and avoid numbing yourself. Grief will snowball if not dealt with or stuffed. Grief is not just for the end of a life. It includes relationships with friends and family members that have ended or changed. It includes broken dreams that never got anywhere or ended suddenly. It is the loss of a beloved pet. We have a tendency to move on and not really count these losses. It is not until we experience a loss that is like a final straw that we realize the snowball. You ask yourself, "Why am I taking this so hard? What is wrong with me?" Sometimes instead of us, it is the people most close to us asking these questions of you.

If you cannot function, I will suggest speaking to a medical professional. Sometimes we need short-term medication and/or therapy. Get your money's worth and just do not think it is about the current loss. Go all the way back and try to acknowledge as many of those losses from your past. Then, the therapist and you can face them, feel them and move onto a new present and future.

At the same time, this is where I hear complaints from clients about not getting a sign from their loved one in spirit. I tell them that they are giving you sign; you are not paying attention. I explain that mediumship is very subtle. The medium learns their way of communication with the spirit world. It is not like the sky opens up every time I open up a portal to speak to your loved ones. It took hours of meditation, symbol work and readings to understand how it works for me. Spirit is very good with laying feathers, wildlife and coins into your path. If you do not know this, they can be easily missed.

When my mother passed, I was not as fully aware of my mediumship ability. She chose dimes to let her presence be known. I was finding them all over the place. The dimes would be found in the most unusual places that you would ever expect to find them. i would look at the dates and combine them to a single digit. It still made no sense. A friend of mine asked me, "What is the significance of a dime?" I said, "10." My mother passed on the 10th of August. It was her dropping those dimes getting my attention.

Now, she will appear in my dreams. I may recognize the place and see her across the room. She smiles and waves. This has become her way of letting me know that she is also in my father's dreams. So, I will see him the next day to ask him about mom. She gives me a heads-up to validate his dream or help him remember it.

The photo I chose reminded me of how we have signs all around us, but we don't notice. There is a feather next to the footprint and a feather on top of the footprint. The feather represents a spirit walking with you and behind you that you may not be ready to see or even feel their presence. You may think you are alone, but you are not alone. Once grief passes, you will get your signs. A sibling getting a sign or visitation has nothing to do with being mom's favorite. It is because your sibling is in a better place with their grief or needs a visit more than you. Many mediums believe that spirit knows exactly what we need.

I will simply leave you with the thought that we are never alone. When you suddenly think of someone who has passed, recognize it as a visit. It is all good; it is okay.

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