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A Ghost Story that Still Amazes Me

In late June, 2014, a group of us were in Lily Dale, NY for the World Congress of Spiritualists' Meeting. We had gone to the many activities, but we still had free time to enjoy shopping and other activities. I had been having lunch with my friend when she got the news that her son was in great pain and ready to go to the hospital. His knee was literally killing him. While she was still on the phone, I suggested that since we were in Lily Dale that we send him healing energy. She told him to rest about 1 pm our time. Why suggest remote healing? The energy in Lily Dale is very strong, and I knew there was no better place to send healing from remotely.

We gathered around one in the afternoon with the other women in our group at the fountain. I led the guided meditation which sent healing energy to a young man in Ireland. After the meditation we all shared what we experienced and the messages we received with his mother, who was part of the group. She phoned her son to tell him about the meditation and messages we received. He confirmed that the healing worked. He had no pain and to this day has not needed treatment on that knee. When she got off of the phone, she then shared her experience during the meditation.

When the meditation was nearly over, she had a vision of a gentleman. He showed himself long enough for her to see and describe him. The message that he gave her was that he would see her later. As we walked towards the Lily Dale Museum, she expressed how vivid the vision was. I went inside the museum first because I knew there were portraits hanging on the walls of past mediums and other spiritualists that were important to Spiritualism and Lily Dale's history.

My Clairecognizance knew his portrait was in that museum. When you are in Lily Dale, it is not easy to shut your psychic or mediumship ability off. I looked very carefully at the portraits and tried tuning into the energy from each portrait. I almost got to the end of the wall and found the portrait that I felt was the gentlemen in her vision. I called my friend over, and she validated that he was the one. I made sure she posed with the portrait. He was a very influential person in his day. I was grateful that he connected to me to find him. I believe it was that we had a connection. He built the first fire station in Lily Dale after the great fire, and I am a technical writer for a fire truck manufacturer.

At night, we like to go for a walk and get orb pictures. Three of us took a walk around and before we went inside the hotel, we sat on the healing stumps. While on the healing stumps we captured many orbs or spirit energy in the photos. Both of my friends felt a sensation while sitting on the center log. They felt a pressure pushing down on their arms. They even pointed in the photos to indicate where they felt the spirit was standing. We left and returned to the hotel to view our photos.

Our rooms were on the first floor behind the front desk in the Maplewood. We sat on the sofa and chairs outside of our rooms. During this time we looked at our photos for orbs and shared them with each other. I had a digital camera and my cellphone to look through. My cell did not get anything exciting; however, I did capture a few on my digital camera. As I placed my digital camera down onto the coffee table, the camera snapped a photo. I knew that spirit snapped the photo; not me. I had turned my camera off.

Above is the photo snapped by spirit. I immediately looked at the photo. You can see the orbs and whisps of spirit energy across the whole picture. The photo is from my seat or view of the amazing incident with spirit. The couch was to my left and seated was my young friend in the black, and you see the white sneaker of the friend who had the vision earlier. At this point I look at both of them on the couch and start taking pictures. What I am witnessing is my friend going into trance.

Do not attempt to do what I am about to explain happened in this blog. You never do this alone, and you MUST be qualified before attempting trance. You want to learn from qualified teachers such as Neal Rzepkowski or Warren Caylor. I am sharing my experience because I am qualified and could handle what happened. Trance mediumship should not be looked upon as entertainment. I am a medium and respect spirit, and I am honored that they allowed me to experience this event. It is with respect that I am sharing this amazing story. Also, The Lily Dale Assembly does not allow this on the grounds. This just happened spontaneously and was unplanned. Nobody purposely meant to break any rules.

Now, I am cool with it because I studied trance mediumship, and I had a physical mediumship circle. Trance mediumship is where the person gives spirit permission to use their voice for a certain amount of time. The person allowing this to happen may take on certain manerisms, facial expressions, postures or even a different voice. When the time is up, spirit must leave the person's body. This is very exhausting to the person going into trance. Also, you need someone there who knows what is happening to bring you back into your body and reality.

During this visit by spirit and through my friend, we validated the time the person was in Lily Dale. We also found out who it was. He was a pipe smoker and the room filled with smoke during this encounter. I was busy snapping pictures, watching my friend to make sure she was okay, asking questions and enjoying the look on my other friend's face while all this was happening. When he was finished, he told us that he would come again. That's a story for another blog. My friend slowly came out of the trance. I did not panic because my spirit team and hers would make sure she would come back in the room. I do have a great spirit team, and they deserve the credit, too. When she did come back, she did not remember much about what happened.

We had a lot to talk about after that little visit that night. The woman in trance was exhausted. The other woman was in awe of what had happened. I was excited because I got more pictures to show my friends what really happened. Spirit allowed me to get great documentation.

Now, there were those that did not believe this happened. I was told that the person was faking, and she was putting on a show for attention. One day I will share the pictures, and you could judge for yourself. This is my story, and I am sticking to it. It was an honor to experience that, and it still is a ghost story that amazes me.

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