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Where the Spirits are Inn

Last December, a group of friends and I spent the night in the haunted Shanley Hotel in Napanoch, NY. I had gone on my own before to places with paranormal activity. I have never used equipment during any investigation. The owners of the properties were always able to validate the energy I tuned in to. Also, I have had a field trip with my students who are interested in paranormal investigation. I wanted them to feel the energy and try to connect with the spirits inside the building. This is also a way of showing them to trust their abilities and not rely on equipment. The places we go have been investigated by paranormal groups and the owners could validate our information. This time was different because a paranormal investigator led our group, and she used equipment.

She introduced herself and gave us a bit of the history about the hotel. She also mentioned the current owner and his love of the hotel and the spirits who inhabited it. The first two floors are newly remodeled and the third floor has not been updated. The third floor does not have electricity which is great for paranormal investigation. There is no electricity to interfere with the investigator's equipment.

Then, she explained some of the equipment she would be using such as a flashlight, an emf detector and a Ovilus voice recorder. We could ask questions and see if there would be a voice response or the flashlight would illuminate. We followed her upstairs to an area that was once the barber's family living quarters and later a bordello.

The rule of thumb in a paranormal investigation is to be quiet, do not drink alcohol and keep the investigation to the spirits in the building; not the ones that come with you. The group I was with had a very hard time with these rules. There was some communication from loved ones on the other side. I guess some in the group needed a message or just to prove that they are still watching over their family. I stayed quiet and let them connect using the equipment. That night I was a student learning paranormal investigation. The session was short, and we went downstairs to take a break.

Later in the evening, we went upstairs to the third floor. We sat in a room that once belonged to Joe, the hitman. When we were all sitting around the room and the equipment was in place, we began. The K-2 flashed a bit because it sensed energy. Possibly it was a cat named, Sweet Thing. The K-2 was located a few feet to my left. About the same time, I could feel cold air on my left side and I began to cough. I could sense a spirit, and I knew it was wanting to communicate. I began speaking to the spirit in my head while the others asked the investigator some questions. I immediately sensed it was Joe. When things quieted down, I began asking the following questions.:

Did one of the spirits have a smoker's cough? The flashlight lit and the investigator confirmed that Joe smoked cigars.

Joe, did you have broad shoulders? We heard, that's me on the Ovilus.

Were you 5'8" to 6 feet tall? The flashlight lit, yes.

Did you play the ponies? Ovilus -- Yes.

Was your love interest an Ellen or Hellen? Ovilus -- Yes.

Did you have two kids? Ovilus -- Yes.

Someone asked if they had names and we heard -- Joe, Jr. and the investigator heard a name on her recorder.

When I finished, I thanked Joe for talking to me. This was my way of validating what I was getting from the spirit and allowed the group to experience communication with a spirit.

The investigator ended the session and we went downstairs. She asked me a few questions as we descended the steps. She took me over to a wall where there were pictures. She told me to look at them and see if I could point out Joe. She agreed that she thought the picture I chose was him. He is the gentleman in the photo above on the left. I went to my room to get sleep. I was very restless and woke up a few times with the sense that I was being watched. I just told them to leave me alone and fell back to sleep. I left early the next morning hoping to return again.

If you are interested in psychic or mediumship development, I have a weekly circle. Go to and search for Angelic Voices of Love.

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