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Who is There?

After I found a spiritual teacher and a place to develop my psychic and mediumistic abilities, I enjoyed telling people about my experiences. It was a very exciting time and with each week, my confidence grew. One of my co-workers felt very comfortable to tell me his stories. His grandmother was a spiritual healer and did pow-wows.

During his young adulthood he had experienced being "out of body" a few times. It really scared him. So, that is why he learned transcendental meditation. When he would experience an "out of body" state, he could refocus and bring himself back into his body. He did not realize that he was not grounding enough.

One morning, he called me over to his desk. He seemed a little shaken as he told me what happened yesterday after work. He and his wife took their cat to the veterinarian to get a medical check because something really frightened him. My friend came home from work and found the dining room curtains moved, one of the dining room chairs knocked over and a bunch of coin wrappers scattered around the room. The veterinarian explained it as something spooked the cat or wound the cat up. Possibly the street department made a loud noise or another cat came around. I told him that I believed it was spiritual because of the coin wrappers, and that I would tune-into his house.

Later, I came over with my notes scribbled on a piece of paper. I found drawing what I was shown helped me to remember. As I would go over the notes, more information would continue flowing. I told him that I felt there were three spirits in the house. I described a staircase in the house where a tall gentleman in a suit stands at the very top. The staircase is one that wraps around each floor like a rectangle and he looks down from the top floor. Then, I described a second gentleman who was wearing a suit, overcoat and a fedora like worn in the fifties. I only saw his upper body. One sleeve of the coat was bent, but I didn't see more. I felt he had an issue with his arm or shoulder. He also smoked a pipe. The third spirit was just angry and nasty in personality. This was how he identified himself so he would be recognized. He was very protective of his stuff. I described a shaving brush and pestle. Then, I asked, "Did you bring home some items from a yard sale or antique shop?" He said, "I think you should talk to my wife." I left a copy of the paper with him and waited for a phone call.

The reason he wanted me to talk to his wife is because she would not have believed what I told him. The gentleman at the top of the stairs was a servant whose room was in the attic. He hung himself at the top of the stairs and that is why I had a feeling that he was looking down over the railing. The second gentleman, was his uncle who dressed like I described. He did smoke a pipe and the bent sleeve was because he had lost an arm in the war. The third gentleman was my co-worker's father. The reason he was so protective is because my friend visited his sister over the weekend. He brought home some family heirlooms like his father's shaving brush and pestle, his uncle's pipe and a few other things. He validated all of my notes. I remember being amazed and thankful to spirit; however, it did not sink in that I could communicate well with spirit and read energy.

He told me that next day that his wife insisted he get rid of the stuff. I told him how to cleanse it. If he did keep his dad's shaving pieces, to put it in a safe place. He thought of putting it inside the curio with his mother's dishes was a safe place. I told him that when he did so, to tell his father where he is putting it and why. I told him it can be said out loud or in his head to his father. Then, I went back to business as usual.

The following morning he reported that some items were taken back to his sister's house. He told me that he did what I told him. The creepy part was that after he told his father what he was going to do, the lights in the dining room slowly dimmed and went bright again. He immediately got the chills. I said, "Welcome to my world."

Since then, his cat is off of the tranquilizers and there has been no major spirit activity. Sometimes, they do smell burning toast like it is being made on a coal or wood stove. His wife believes it is her grandmother letting her know that she is visiting and thinking of her.

Remember: We are not alone. We have guardian angels, spirit guides, friends and family always walking with us. All you have to do is talk to them.

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