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Angel of Protection

Archangel Michael is one of the most popular angels. He is the protector and the armed services and many police departments around the world ask for his protection daily. Archangel Michael, as well as, Gabriel are special angels. Not only are they Archangels, but they are also Saints in the Catholic Church. The photo above was uploaded from the internet, and the statue resides in Rome.

I guess this is where people think that an Earth bound person can become an angel once they pass. Well, that is not correct. Angels have never had an Earth bound life like you and me. They have always been spirit; not physical. There have been sightings of angels here on Earth. The Blessed Mother had such a visit from Archangel Gabriel. However, an apparition can take on a 3 dimensional form. There are some mediums that can also see spirit in 3 dimensional form. It is easy to mistake a full-figure apparition for a human. Especially, when it happens during an emergency situation.

Rarely a day goes by without thinking of or speaking to Archangel Michael. As a medium, I ask that he protect my reading sessions and home from low energy spirits. Mediumship sessions are mainly for healing, and I ask for spirits to communicate messages that are for the sitters highest good here on Earth. I also send him along with family and friends as a blessing of protection. Many a night I sent him along with my son who would be driving my car. He has had two deer incidents that ended with the deers living and very minor damage to the car.

I have also had students report to me that Archangel Michael came to their rescue. One of my students was in the local bank on afternoon. Suddenly, she found herself in the middle of a bank robbery. All she could think of was me saying to call upon Archangel Michael for protection. Nobody was hurt that day, but she did suffer a little post traumatic stress afterwards.

As far as what Archangel Michael looks like or sounds like -- that is up to you. Angels really do not have a male or female appearance like humans. I feel like many that Michael has a very masculine energy. We all experience spirit in our own way. There is no right or wrong way to experience angelic beings. I know for me that he is very tall, I never hear him because he uses my thoughts and my own voice in my head, and I see with my eyes royal blue and gold sparkles or flashes of light when he is around. Calling upon the angels is all about faith. When I start talking to Archangel Michael or call him in, I know he is there. Don't worry about taking up his time, he can be in many places at once. He is of the Creator.

Here is what I say for protection at home. This is great for children who see spirit and have sleepless nights.

Archangel Michael, I ask that you surround my home with the white light of the Holy Spirit and only allow spirits of white light to enter. Please escort any lower energies away from my home and keep everyone inside safe. Allow everyone to have a peaceful night's rest. Thank you, Amen.

I leave you with this.....Remember, that you are not alone. You have God, Jesus, the angels, Archangels, Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, family and friends in spirit to help you. Talk to them. We need to ask.

I want to talk about one of my favorite Archangels and Saint, Michael. Whenever I am working doing a psychic or mediumship reading, I call in Archangel Michael first. I say a little prayer for him to surrou

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